Employment Agreements

Draft or review employment and independent contractor agreements

Employment agreements are a great way to facilitate expanding your team to ultimately reach your business goals.

An Employment Agreement is a contract between an employer and employee regarding the terms of employment. Such agreements will often have detailed provisions and stipulations as to the role and duties of the employee for the employer and/or the employer’s company. Employment agreements are a common legal document that protect the interests of both parties should a dispute arise.

Before you take a deep drive on creating an employment agreement keep in mind that with California employment agreements particularly, there are a number of concerns.

Specifically, non-competition and non-solicitation provisions are largely unenforceable in California unless very narrowly defined.

Basically, any restraints on the employee can’t be super broad or California courts will toss out those terms.

Additionally, invention/copyright assignment provisions must also be narrow to not include all work done off company hours and/or unrelated to the employment.

Employment Agreements
Employment Agreements