Legal Subscription Services
It's All About Access

How It Works

Plans Are Based On YOUR Business
What you need, the complexity of your business, the type of services you provide, etc. are all factored into the services and monthly price.
Services Are Priced As FLAT FEES
Based on the type and amount of work that you need, we'll provide a flat monthly fee that includes everything in your plan. No surprises.
Cancel, Upgrade or change at ANY TIME
Your plan can and should change as your business does. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel services at any time for any reason.

Bundle of Services

Pricing is based on the type and quantity of services your business needs.
Client Connect
Unlimited Calls/Emails
Scheduled Meetings
Document Storage
From $250/mo
Legal Agreements
Unlimited Revisions
eSignature & Management
From $50/mo
Document Review
From $250/mo
Employee Agreements
Handbook & Policies
Hiring & Onboarding
From $125/mo
Brand Advisor
Trademark Search
Trademark Licensing
Brand Monitoring
From $100/mo
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Key Benefits

Predictable Fees

Predictable fees are good for you, and recurring revenue is good for us. We can each share in the predictability and availability of a fractional general counsel model.

Scales with You

Our plans are built for your current needs, but also with an eye on the future. We will build in the services that you need, but with a flexible approach that scales with you.

Stay Protected

The law is in almost everything a business does. Legal documents are great, but they're no substitute for specific legal advice when you need it. We have a solution for you!

Thought Sharing

Sometimes all you need is someone to bounce ideas off of. Greg Butler Law is like having another business partner to share ideas with and to help you grow smartly.

Anytime Access

With a subscription plan, you don't have to worry about being "on the clock" every time you have a basic question. Get questions answered, quickly, and at no extra cost.

Build a Better Business

You've worked hard to build your business, don't let what you don't know come back to bite you. As we like to say, it's better to start with a lawyer than a lawsuit!

Client Connect

Access without the surprise costs

Client Connect puts advice, counsel and communication at the forefront of our relationship.
Available Services:
  • Unlimited calls/emails to the firm
  • Monthly, weekly or bi-weekly meetings
  • Dedicated attorney and communication channel
  • ​Cloud-based document storage and management

*Pricing from $250 per month, based on your industry, business size, complexity, recurring meetings and other factors
Document Drafting

Get everything you need, pay over time

No need to try your hand at DIY legal work or use a just "OK" template you grabbed off the web.
Available Services:
  • Custom-drafted legal documents
  • Payments spread out monthly
  • Concierge access to document workflows
  • Send documents for e-signature or customer review
*Pricing from $50 per month, based on the number and type of agreements needed, industry, deal terms and other factors
Document Review

Understand everything you're agreeing to

Next time someone gives you a legal document to sign, tell them "I'll have my lawyer review it!"
Available Services:
  • Document review with detailed comments
  • Recommendations, redlines and negotiations
  • Discuss legal concerns in real-time with attorney
  • Cloud-based contract storage and management
*Pricing from $250 per month, based on the number of agreements reviewed on a monthly basis, the types of agreements and other factors
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Employee Connect

Hire with confidence, protect with certainty

Employee or contractor, hiring the right talent involves much more than just a document.
Available Services:
  • Employee and independent contractor agreements
  • Confidentiality and invention assignment agreements
  • Employee Handbook and related employee policies
  • New hire support and onboarding
*Pricing from $125 per month, based on the number of employees/contractors, industry, location of work and other factors
Brand Advisor

Protect your brand, protect your business

Intellectual property is a valuable asset, perhaps your most valuable asset. Don't leave it to chance.
Available Services:
  • Business/product name brainstorming
  • US federal and state trademark search
  • US federal trademark application and prosecution
  • Brand monitoring, enforcement and licensing
*Pricing from $100 per month, based on the number of brand names, licensing, monitoring, applications and other factors
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Add-On Features

Drafting Portal

Get self-access to legal documents customized for your unique business needs that you can complete and execute on your own.

From $50/mo based on the number of custom documents
Contract Management

Never miss a contract renewal deadline again! In addition to document storage, we'll ensure you're tracking all the provisions!

From $50/mo based on the number of documents managed
White Label Legal

Give us an email address, phone number, branded e-signature solution and more to make us a more integral part of your team!

From $100/mo based on the number of client systems

Coming Soon

Compliance Center

Get the documents and advice that you need to stay compliant with such things as:

  • Information security

  • Privacy

  • Employee policies

  • and more

Corporate Center

Start, form and run your business with Greg Butler Law.

  • LLC/Corporation formations

  • Operating agreements

  • Fundraising and capitalization

  • and more

Get a Custom Quote Now

Complete our questionnaire for a ballpark estimate, or contact us now so we can provide you an accurate estimate.

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For Software Companies.
By a Software Company?

OK, we're not exactly a software company, but we are pretty good at using the technology that's available to us to the fullest extent.

This allows us to provide faster, more accurate and more affordable legal services...and to ditch the billable hour!
Document Automation
We've built a library of legal documents that can be quickly modified for your specific use and then used to quickly draft new agreements custom to your customers.​
Artificial Intelligence
We utilize a customized version of the leading industry AI-based document review software to deliver lightning-fast contract reviews chock full of comments.
Custom Integrations
We put it all together with Zapier integrations to send legal documents for signature then automatically upload them to the cloud for safe and convenient access.

Every software solution we use is built with bank-level security!

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