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Legal Subscriptions
Document-Based Pricing

Peace of Mind

Starting at just $300 per month
Client Connect
Talk to an attorney, have legal documents professionally reviewed, or just talk business any time you want without additional fees. 
From $300 per month
Legal document drafting and maintenance for a wide range of legal documents to protect and grow your business.
From $50 per month per document
Ongoing contract management, intellectual property protection, employee compliance and more for a flat monthly fee.
$100 per month per service
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Client Connect

Access without the surprise costs

Client Connect puts advice, counsel and communication at the forefront of our relationship.
Available Services:
  • Unlimited calls/emails to the firm
  • Monthly, weekly or bi-weekly meetings
  • Dedicated attorney and communication channel
  • ​Cloud-based document storage and management

*Pricing from $250 per month, based on your industry, business size, complexity, recurring meetings and other factors
Client Connect
Document Drafting

Get everything you need, pay over time

No need to try your hand at DIY legal work or use a just "OK" template you grabbed off the web.
Available Services:
  • Custom-drafted legal documents
  • Payments spread out monthly
  • Concierge access to document workflows
  • Send documents for e-signature or customer review
*Pricing from $50 per month, based on the number and type of agreements needed, industry, deal terms and other factors

Add-On Features

Drafting Portal

Get self-access to legal documents customized for your unique business needs that your team can complete and execute on their own.

+$100 per month
Contract Management

Never miss a contract renewal deadline again! In addition to document storage, we'll ensure you're tracking the key provisions!

+$100 per month
White Label Legal

Give us an email address, phone number, branded e-signature solution and more to make us a more integral part of your team!

+$100 per month
Employee Connect

Stay compliant with the ever-changing employment landscape with an employee handbook, policies, and ongoing support

$100 per month
Brand Advisor

Protect and maintain your online brand presence with brand monitoring, protection enforcement and response services.

+$100 per month

Keep the deals flowing with customized eSignature solutions that support direct signature and "clickwrap" delivery.

+$100 per month

Read our legal subscription plan 

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Drafting Portal

Automate the drafting of frequently-used documents

We'll set up your documents in an automated portal customized to your business that increases speed and accuracy
  • Save time completing frequently-used documents
  • Allows business teams to complete autonomously
  • Code legal terms to match your business terms
  • Send completed documents directly for review
*Pricing from $100 per month, limited to documents we've drafted for you. Other documents may be added for additional fee.
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Drafting Portal
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Contract Management

Stay on top of your contract provisions

Understand the risks, timelines and other important contract provisions
  • Executed contracts saved in the cloud
  • Consolidated spreadsheet with custom metadata
  • Monthly reporting and alerts
  • Quarterly contract analysis and risk assessment
*Pricing from $100 per month, limited to documents we've drafted for you.
Contract Management
White Label Legal

Make us an integrated part of your team

Intellectual property is a valuable asset, perhaps your most valuable asset. Don't leave it to chance.
  • We'll use an email with your domain
  • Document storage on your cloud solution
  • Team communication via your solution
  • Combined with eSignature for polished document execution
*Pricing from $100 per month
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White Label Legal
Portrait of cheerful young manager handshake with new employee. .jpg
Employee Connect

Hire with confidence, protect with certainty

Employee or contractor, hiring the right talent involves much more than just a document.
Available Services:
  • Employee and independent contractor agreements
  • Confidentiality and invention assignment agreements
  • Employee Handbook and related employee policies
  • New hire support and onboarding
*Pricing from $100 per month, based on the number of employees/contractors, industry, location of work and other factors
Brand Advisor
Brand Advisor

Protect your brand, protect your business

Intellectual property is a valuable asset, perhaps your most valuable asset. Don't leave it to chance.
  • Help with business/product name brainstorming
  • Monthly brand external and internal monitoring
  • Up to 1 C&D demand/response per month
  • Custom-drafted trademark usage guidelines
*Pricing from $100 per month, based on the number of brand names, licensing, monitoring, applications and other factors
Trademark Copyright Identity Branding Product Concept.jpg
terms and conditions, website cookies, concept on the screen of computer.jpg

Keep your documents binding and organized

We'll set up your documents for eSignature or acknowledgement using DocuSign
  • Send documents for eSignature via DocuSign
  • Completed documents stored in the cloud
  • Support for "clickwrap" style agreements
  • Document templates created and maintained
*Pricing from $100 per month, based on the number of documents per month

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